Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WW & HNT: Naughty Bibliophile

We continue to move against each other, caught up in the excitement of the adventure and the arousal this latest installment has generated, when your Dragon begins to giggle again ominously...

"Oh, my Rider, I've an idea..."

And you just know, suddenly, that this is going to be one wicked adventure...

"Let's go to the library," your Dragon croons as she licks a line down your chest and blows on it gently.  "I want... no I need you to take me against a stack of dusty books... and perhaps there will be a naughty librarian there who will help us take pictures of you fucking me against the shelves... mmmmmmmm..."

She engulfs your lance briefly, then looks up to catch your response.

"What say you, Rider?  Do you have any naughty librarian fantasies? or shall we just go with the thrill of making love in a public venue?"

~ ~ ~

Yes, the very next place I headed on my Scavenger Hunt adventures was a library, with those words ringing in my ears.  Sometime soon, I need to either host my dear writing buddy as a guest blogger or we need to collaborate to post back and forth on our blogs for a week, because our next few installments were hot.  Unfortunately, it's his words in our story that line up with this adventure, not mine, so you'll have to put up with my narrative ;)

So after my last adventure in wanton exposure, I betook myself to a library I know well that has some very nice nooks and crannies.  I climbed the stairs and found the perfect spot to set up.

After peeking about through the shelves (there were voices a few rows over but they stayed put) I played around with the camera a bit on various shelves to get the right height and perspective on what I would be doing.

I took several shots this time 'round, feeling much more relaxed about what I was doing even as I kept an ear to the voices around the corner.  This one turned out the best, I think :)

And hopefully earns me another point on the Scavenger Hunt ;)

And yes, the Dragon De-scalings continue from here! stay tuned...

in the meantime, go check out who else is being wanton here

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  1. Would the dragon fit in the library or would it knock all of the shelves over? Dragon sex in a library sounds chaotic and fun. ;) I need a dragon like that. :D

  2. Oh no....another destination to add to my list. Not sure why but the library does seem like a very location for pictures....I wonder if they have a copy of The Story Of O I could pose with.


  3. Dragons are great chaotic fun ;)

    Molly, what a great idea! I *was* in the romance section for those shots but didn't think to look for that... it would certainly be a brilliant touch!

  4. This must be flashback week. Now you've made me remember working as a library aide... and my boyfriend visiting me... thank you. :)

    I'm not sure I could be so bold as you now...

  5. I wish I had one tenth of your boldness. This is fabulous!

  6. oh a sneaky pussy....! quite daring indeed.

  7. so THAT'S why all those people are in the library...
    (and the hardware store, too)


  8. I think you'd make the perfect naughty librarian. Fabulously cheeky...

  9. I don't think I could do it.
    You keep doing it, but I just know I'd get to nervous and chicken out half the time.
    You got the moxy.

  10. Wow, thank you everyone! glad you enjoyed this latest adventure!

    And really, I'm not as bold as some of the people who do the Scavenger Hunt (I'm in awe of Dee), but there's definitely a sweet addictive thrill thay comes with doing this ;)

  11. I think dragons in libraries would be a very bad idea - surely there must be a fire risk :)

  12. How deliciously naughty! HHNT!

  13. I always wondered what really happens in libraries :)

  14. being a hack wordsmith, books get me really hot

    that pic is perfect: THAT'S what i call public education ;)

  15. Very nice! And now I totally want to join in on the scavenger hunt fun. :)


  16. Oh, I so love being a corruptive influence!!
    And performing a public service whilst I'm at it ;)

    As to whether Dragons are dangerous in libraries... hmmmn...
    I would have to hope we were in a building built to code with fire suppression equipment should something get me all hot and bothered! LOL

  17. You must check out Leah (blog name: Late Starter Chronicles) who happens to be a rather spicy librarian ;)

    Now I'm hooked - so this Knight will follow with lance in hand...


  18. Oh, I have! and I follow her blog... we're also Twitter buddies :)

    Thank you for joining the Quest! ;)


  19. Love it you are so naughty!!!

  20. So naughty in the library! I love it (and must do so myself). Have updated the Scavenger Hunt page :)

    xx Dee

  21. Yaay!! thank you, Dee! and glad to inspire you, when you've been my Idol of Naughtiness LOL

    And thank you for the love, 24 :)



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